The native token for the GoodSoup DAO


$SOUP is a cryptocurrency and governance token that's tied to the GoodSoup DAO. Having our own token enables us to incentivize community ventures and generate value collectively. At a high level, members hold $SOUP ensuring a mutual commitment to our ecosystems success and to participate in the distributed governance of the ecosystem.

Token Specifications

  • Name: GoodSoup
  • Ticker: $SOUP
  • Blockchain: Solana (SPL)
  • Token contract: 2DDyLzN1pxVddhkgZYJdJH6YFUbeSVPFZBMSxcLswwap
  • Max supply: 1 billion

Token Distribution

  • 66% - Community, Liquidity Incentives, Airdrops
  • 23% - Team
  • 10% - Fundraising
  • 1% - Advisors
*Token distributions are open to change based on needs and strategic pivots*