Welcome to GoodSoup's official documentation. This contains resources and guides for the GoodSoup DAO.

Bringing Memes to Web3


The GoodSoup DAO is a community-driven ecosystem that resides at the intersection of crypto, memes, and culture. We empower meme creators to capture more of the value they create.

Memes are an incredibly powerful force in today's society, having the ability to transfer and spread units of culture to every corner of the internet across a multitude of complexities and domains. The problem is that the creators of these amazing pieces of art (yes art) only capture a small fraction of the vast amount of value they bring to their audiences. Currently meme creators resort to archaic monetization methods such as shout outs, merch sales, and other forms of advertisement. Although these methods are effective to a degree, they leave quite a bit of value on the table. As well as leaving themselves beholden to the centralized social media gatekeepers in which they reside on.

This thesis has led to the creation of GoodSoup. The primary function of GoodSoup is to create an environment that fosters collaboration through shared resources and knowledge for meme creators. As well as create permissionless platforms, products, and protocols that enable a broader depth monetization methods. Furthermore allowing meme creators to capture more of the value they create and share with their content more effectively with their audiences. The core mechanism that accomplishes this is the mutually aligned economic incentives via the GoodSoup native token -- $SOUP -- which is used as the medium of exchange within the GoodSoup ecosystem as well as granting holders governance rights.

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